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Custom Plastic Cups

Budget Branders’ custom plastic cups are soft-sided and made from a clear, strong PET plastic. PET plastic is not only durable, but also eco-friendly as the most widely accepted type of plastic for recycling. Our clear plastic cups offer the perfect canvas to display your logo, branding image, or custom design.

Custom plastic cups are an innovative and cost-effective way to advertise your business and are widely used by bars, restaurants, and coffee shops around the world. They serve as an effective promotional product. Custom plastic cups extend the reach of your brand beyond the physical walls of your establishment. Your custom cups will be seen on Instagram & Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and in the workplaces, homes, condos, and apartments of customers for others to view. Branded take-out supplies exponentially elevate your brand and the investment in branded plastic cups will more than pay for itself.

If you’re looking for plastic cups with a colored background, we also sell custom stadium cups.

Why Choose Budget Branders For Custom Plastic Cups?

At first glance, companies offering personalized plastic cups may look alike, but when you dig deeper, you’ll find the differences are vast. Many companies will lock you into incredibly large minimum orders or astronomically raise unit prices to allow for small orders. Budget Branders takes great pride in offering the most competitive pricing on the market for custom PET cups. We aim to be an affordable solution for establishments of any size.

You’ll also find that not every business has the same definition of what it means to provide good customer service. We aim to provide exceptional service. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll do everything in our power to ensure you walk away satisfied with your custom cups.

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Cropped Blended Bistro Cups

Recent Success – Blended Bistro & Boba

Blended Bistro & Boba is an Orlando area family-owned restaurant specializing in Asian Food and Boba. They recently upgraded from generic cups to full custom cups with their logo. Their cups now look amazing, and their brand is making appearances on Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube. If you happen to be in the Orlando area check them out! If you want your brand to start popping up organically on social media, click the LIVE CHAT button below to get started!

Who Could Benefit From Having Customized Plastic Cups?

We serve a number of different businesses across a number of different industries. We’ll print our custom clear plastic cups for just about anyone, but below are some common types of businesses who’ve benefited greatly from utilizing custom clear cups from Budget Branders:

Custom Plastic Cup FAQs

Yes, our custom disposable cups can be shipped internationally! However, the shipment may be subject to an increased shipping charge depending on your area.

Not for this product. Our plastic cups are a custom clear plastic cup with your logo or artwork on them. If you’re looking for a colored plastic cup check out our stadium cups.

We can print up to 4 colors on the custom clear plastic cups. We can help make your logo pop on our plastic cups.

Yes, our custom disposable plastic cups are produced with PET plastic, which is the most widely used plastic for recycling purposes. Our custom disposable cups will not only increase your brand reach. They’ll also help to cement you as an eco-friendly business.

Looking to order custom plastic cups with your logo printed on them? You’re very close to doing so. To order custom plastic cups from Budget Branders, you simply need to press the live chat button or fill out a quote request to speak with one of our representatives. We’ll have a conversation about your vision for the branded cups and then we’ll work to deliver that vision. Once we receive your design, we’ll create a proof for you. Once you approve our proof, we’ll start production and ship you your new branded cups once production is completed.

Prices will vary depending on the size of the plastic cups you order and the quantity you order. Budget Branders does offer quantity discounts. Our plastic cups start at $0.09 per cup.

There are two primary differences between our clear custom plastic cups and our custom stadium cups. First, our stadium cups are manufactured with thicker plastic, so they can be washed and reused. Our custom clear plastic cups are not designed for reuse. Second, our custom stadium cups can be manufactured with a colored background where whereas our clear plastic cups are only manufactured with a clear background.

Our custom clear plastic cups are designed for cold drinks and should not be used for hot drinks like coffee or hot chocolate. The PET plastic used for the cups is lightweight and transparent. These two properties produce a cup that transfers heat easily. The liquid will cool quickly, there is a higher risk of burns for customers, and the plastic may melt if the liquid is too hot. We produce paper coffee cups and paper ripple cups that would be better options for hot drinks.

PET is one of the most widely used plastics for recyclable products because it’s one of the easiest types of plastic to recycle. Our custom PET plastic cups are clear plastic cups that can be customized with your logo or brand design. PET plastic is durable, lightweight, and shatter-resistant, which makes it the perfect material for disposable personalized cups.

Additional Questions About Our Disposable Custom Plastic Cups?

Click the LIVE CHAT button and get them answered by our friendly team. We look forward to helping you grow your brand! We’ve helped everyone from one location restaurants to big national brands get beautiful custom branded cups at the lowest prices available. All our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We don’t quit until you’re satisfied!

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