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ServSafe Practice Test

ServSafe Practice Exam


Take The SafeServ Practice Test

This test will randomly generate 10 practice questions for the SafeServ food safety test. You can take retake the quiz multiple times to answer different questions each time.


About ServSafe Exams

ServSafe training programs are administered and run by the National Restaurant Association. The National Restaurant Association is the largest restaurant association in the United States and has been serving the restaurant industry since 1919. While not as old as the association itself, ServSafe training has been around for quite some time. The programs are ANSI accredited and ServSafe has awarded over 5 million Food Protection Manager Certifications since inception. 

There are five different programs available and six different certifications that can be earned (you can earn primary or advanced certification for alcohol). The courses you take will depend on your role, your state requirements, and future roles you may someday want to hold. The five programs are as follows: 

The food manager, food handler, alcohol, and allergen courses all cover various aspects of food and beverage safety. The workplace course covers issues surrounding unconscious bias and harassment in the workplace. ServSafe Workplace is the only ServSafe course that does not include an exam. 

All ServSafe exams are presented in a multiple-choice format. The practice test above includes sample questions from the ServSafe food manager exam and the ServSafe food handler exam. This practice test randomly generates 10 sample questions for you to answer. Every time you retake the test you’ll be given a new set of questions.

The real ServSafe Food Handler exam is 40 multiple-choice questions with no time limit. The real ServSafe Manager exam has some overlap with the Food Handler exam, but goes into more depth. The exam contains 90 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within two hours. Both exams require a score of 75% or higher to pass.    

How To Study For ServSafe Exams

There are a few different ways to study for ServSafe exams. ServSafe offers online courses you can register for for each of the five different programs. The courses are only available for a set number of days once you sign up. The Food Handler course must be completed within 60 days while the Alcohol and Manager courses must be finished within 90 days. If you fail to finish the courses in those time frames, you’ll lose access to the course and have to purchase again for the full course price. This option is ideal for those with strong self-discipline who need a flexible study option to work with their schedule. 

Instead of taking an online course, you could also sign up for an in-person class. You can use ServSafe’s search tool to find a certified ServSafe instructor in your area. Instructor-led courses are available for the Food Handler, Manager, and Alcohol programs. 

The final option would be self-directing your study without a course. You can purchase course books straight from the ServSafe website and work through the book at your own pace. You can also take online practice tests like the one above to test your knowledge and make sure you’re ready for the exam. Our test will always tell you the right answer if you get a question wrong, so you’ll be able to improve over time. This option is also only ideal if you have a strong level of self-discipline. Our practice test can also be used to supplement your learning if you sign up for the online or in-person courses. 

Exam Prep Resources From ServSafe

ServSafe offers a few extra resources you can use in addition to the courses and textbooks available on the ServSafe website. These resources may be helpful to browse through as you prepare for your exam. 

Are The ServSafe Exams Difficult?

Compared to some of the certification and licensing exams in other industries, the ServSafe exams are relatively easy. You won’t have as hard of a time studying for a ServSafe exam as you would the bar exam or CPA exam. Nevertheless, prepping for the exam is highly recommended. The more you prepare to take the SerSafe exam, the better you will do. Our ServSafe practice test will be a huge asset in your preparation. 

How Long Are ServSafe Certificates Valid For?

The length of validity for ServSafe certificates varies depending on the certificate, as well as, state and employer requirements. Generally speaking, the National Restaurant Association recognizes the Manager certificate for five years. The Food Handler, Allergen, and Alcohol certificates are recognized for three years. 

Can You Take The ServSafe Exam In A Language Other Than English?

The ServSafe programs are designed to be as inclusive as possible. As such, the exams are offered in multiple languages. The ServSafe Food Handler exam can be taken in Chinese, Spanish,  Korean, and Vietnamese. The ServSafe Manager exam can be taken online in Chinese and Spanish. It can also be taken in-person in Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French Canadian, and Korean. The ServSafe Alcohol exam is available online and in-person in Spanish. 

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