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Affordable Coffee Shop Supplies

Budget Branders provides coffee shops and cafés across the country with promotional disposable coffee shop supplies. We offer high-quality custom coffee cups, containers, napkins, bags, and more. Order the supplies you need to grow your coffee shop with the exceptional service you deserve. Your customers will love the way our high-quality custom disposables showcase your drinks and food (you could say they make them Instagram-worthy) and you’ll love our prices and simple ordering process.

Coffee Shop Supplies We Offer

Budget Branders offers several different types of promotional disposable coffee shop supplies. Below is an overview of all of our different coffee shop products. You can click on any of the products below to view available sizes and pricing. Budget Branders does offer quantity discounts, so you can save more on the supplies you need with larger orders.

Custom Disposable Coffee Shop Cups

Single wall paper cups are great for cold drinks and they can be used for hot drinks, but you will need to pair them with coffee sleeves for hot drinks. Some shop owners will order single wall cups due to the lower prices, but you’ll often spend more ordering both cups and sleeves than you will ordering double wall or ripple cups.

Double wall paper cups are produced with two layers of paperboard as opposed to a single layer. The added layer provides insulation which keeps drinks warm while protecting hands from heat. Double wall cups are perfect as coffee cups because they’ll save you from having to buy sleeves.

Ripple cups allow you to add an element of flair to your cups with a unique ripple surface. The ripples provide grip and heat protection for customers while creating a visual appearance that will help you stand out from your competition.

Our clear plastic cups are great for cold drinks like cold brew coffee or iced tea. The clear plastic uses your drinks as the backdrop for your logo, which is showcased front and center on your cups for all to see.

Custom Disposable Coffee Shop Food Containers & Bags

Our custom paper soup bowls are manufactured with a thick paper lining to keep soups hot while keeping hands cool. Grow your brand and demand for your soups with branded bowls.

Our custom clear plastic deli bowls are perfect for packaging smoothie bowls, salads, quinoa bowls, fruit snack packs, and more. Showcase your food with a clear container that also places your brand front and center.

Wrap your sandwiches or wraps with high-quality greaseproof deli paper. Make the transportation of your sandwiches easy and clean while also earning more eyes on your brand.

Custom-printed paper bags give you the ability to conveniently package pastries or multiple food items for customers to take away. The bags can be manufactured with a wax coating upon request to provide a liquid barrier.

Other Important Coffee Shop Supplies

Coffee sleeves are a staple for coffee shops to be able to keep the hands of customers and employees safe from burns. You can keep your logo visible on your cups with custom-printed coffee sleeves.

Napkins are essential if your coffee shop or café will be offering food or bakery items. Help customers enjoy their dining experience with thick branded napkins that can easily absorb any mess.

The Benefits Of Branding Your Disposables

Your business needs cups, bags, bowls, and other disposable items to operate. If you’re already buying these items for your shop, then it’s to your benefit to buy custom disposables that will do more than just contain baked goods and coffee. Branded disposables showcase your logo for customers and potential customers to see.

When customers are enjoying their drink they’ll be staring at your logo to further associate your brand with their favorite flavors. At the same time, your customers will be carrying your coffee drinks and baked items out of your café and into the surrounding area where they’ll be seen by hundreds of other people on city streets and in offices and homes.

Custom disposables can provide one of the fastest and most affordable ways to grow a coffee shop brand. Each cup costs a matter of cents, which means you end up paying less than a cent for each brand impression. Other forms of advertising through social media or search engines can cost anywhere from 500-10,000 times more per impression.

What do Dunkin’, Starbucks, and Scooter’s Coffee? Not only are they the top three fastest-growing coffee chains in the United States, but all of these chains also brand all of their take-out products. Large chains grow quickly by advertising their brand all over their products. It’s worth taking a note from their playbook to grow recognition for your own brand and increase sales.

Why Choose Budget Branders For Coffee Shop Supplies?

It used to be that you had to be a large national chain or restaurant to be able to afford to brand your take-out products. However, that is no longer the case thanks to Budget Branders. Our team has worked hard to level the playing field for small coffee shops and cafés so that you can grow with branded disposables without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so. Budget Branders offers custom-printed coffee shop supplies in quantities and at prices that make sense for local businesses.

We make ordering supplies easy and we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the production process so that you’re always aware of the status of your order. You’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager who will provide updates on your order and answer any questions you may have. We strive to offer stellar customer service and you’ll never have an issue reaching our team.

Over the past few years, Budget Branders has grown to become one of the largest vendors of promotional printed disposable products due to our unbeatable prices, high-quality printing, and exceptional service. We serve coffee shops and cafés around the country and we’d love an opportunity to serve you. We consider ourselves a dependable partner in your business. We’re invested in your growth and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction with our supplies.

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Low Pricing


Quality Products

Exceptional Service

Our Simple Order Process

Running a coffee shop or café can be challenging – ordering the supplies you need shouldn’t be. We make ordering coffee shop supplies simple with our hassle-free four-step order process.

quote requested

Quote Request

Every order starts with a quote request. You can submit a quote request by filling out a quote request form or by pressing the live chat button on this page. A member of our team will review your request and provide you with a quote for your order.

Disposable Design

If you like the quote and want to move forward, we’ll start designing your supplies. We’ll need your logo or artwork to begin working on the design. If you don’t have artwork, our designers can work with you to create artwork for your supplies at no cost.

proof review

Proof Approval

Once we’re done designing we’ll send you a proof to show you what your custom supplies will look like. Once you approve the proof, we’ll provide an invoice for production.


Production is the final step in the order process. We’ll begin production once your invoice has been paid in full. Your supplies will be shipped straight to your door as soon as they’re manufactured.

Coffee Shop Supply FAQs

Planning to start your own coffee shop or café? There are many supplies you’ll need to acquire to operate your business effectively. First and foremost, takeaway orders typically account for over half of all coffee shop sales. You’ll need to have disposable cups and containers for your food and beverages to support takeaway orders. Budget Branders can supply you with all of the promotional disposables you’ll need for takeout. 

Of course, disposable cups and containers won’t be the only supplies you’ll need to set up shop. Your supply needs may vary depending on your budget, menu, and customer base. The most common supplies needed for cafés and coffee shops include:

  • Drink & food ingredients
  • Condiments & condiment storage containers
  • Cup & lid dispensers 
  • Storage containers
  • Coffee making equipment
  • Barista tools
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Janitorial equipment

While Budget Branders does not supply any of the aforementioned items above, we can point you to a reputable vendor in our network who can fulfill your needs.

As a coffee shop owner, you can serve your drinks in any size you want to. You don’t have to conform to any industry-standard sizes. However, there are industry standard sizes you can use for guides. The standard cup sizes for most coffee shops can be found below: 

  • Espresso cups: 4 oz
  • Small coffee cups: 8 oz
  • Medium coffee cups: 12 oz
  • Large coffee cups: 16 oz

It’s best to offer at least three different cup sizes to meet the varying preferences of your customers. Starbucks offers six different sizes for customers to choose from. Starbucks cup sizes are as follows: 

  • Demi: 3 oz
  • Short: 8 oz
  • Tall: 12 oz
  • Grande: 16 oz
  • Venti: 20 oz
  • Trenta: 31 oz

Not sure which size cups to use for your establishment? Our team can help you determine the best sizes to stock based on a mix of your needs and our experience.

You may not have to buy coffee sleeves depending on the type of cups you use to serve your coffee in. You don’t need to use coffee sleeves if you’re serving drinks in double wall or ripple coffee cups. Double wall cups and ripple cups both provide insulation to protect hands from the heat of hot drinks.

However, if you’re using single wall cups, you’ll need to purchase coffee sleeves. Single wall cups do not offer any protection from heat transfer and lack of sleeves could expose your business to lawsuits from customers or employees that burn their hands handling drinks.