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2024 Fast Food Statistics

Fast Food Statistics

2023 Fast Food Statistics

The fast food industry is one of the largest sectors within the restaurant industry. As a promotional disposable product manufacturer for the restaurant industry, the branding experts at Budget Branders like to keep a finger on the pulse of the fast food industry. Just how large is the fast food industry? What trends are emerging? How often is fast food consumed? You can find the answers to these questions and more with the latest industry statistics compiled below.

Nationwide Fast Food


different fast food businesses exist in the United States

Money Spent

$200 Billion

The collective amount Americans spend on fast food annually.


The average amount Americans spend on fast food in a year.


The average amount Americans spend on fast food in a lifetime.


The average annual growth rate for fast food consumption.

Global Money

931.7 Billion

The estimated global market value for the fast food industry by 2027.


Of Americans visit a fast food restaurant once a month.


Of Americans eat fast food at least twice a week.

American Eating Fast Food

50 Million

The number of Americans eating fast food on any given day.

Fast Food Worker

The fast food industry provides more than

4 Million Jobs

Percent Of Adults Who Consume Fast Food By Age

Studies have found that fast food consumption decreases with age.

Percentage Of Adults Who Consume Fast Food By Income Level

While fast food can be a cheaper alternative to other food options, fast food consumption actually increases with increased family income.

Fast Food Popularity By Meal Type

Top Fast Food Chains By Brand Value (In Millions)

McDonald's is by far the global leader in fast food. The golden arches are more globally recognized than the Christian cross.

McDonald's Fries

There are over


McDonald's locations in the world. McDonald's has more locations than Wendy's, Taco Bell, Arby's, and Burger King combined.

Child Eating Burger


of fast food consumed by children is McDonald's.


of children say McDonald's is their favorite place to eat.

Buy Now TV


The number of fast food ads children are exposed to each day.

Children exposed to fast food ads are


more likely to eat the advertised food.

Kid Eating Fast Food


of children consume fast food on any given day.

How Do Consumers Perceive Fast Food?

It would appear the average fast food consumer views the food they purchase as junk food. 76% of fast food consumers believe fast food to be bad for your health. It's likely more of a guilty pleasure or a necessary evil for these consumers.

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