Restaurant sales decreased 47% nationwide March 1-22.

It's estimated the drop in sales equates to a loss of roughly $25 billion for the restaurant industry.

Roughly 3% of US restaurants have already permanently closed.

44% have temporarily closed.

11% of restaraunt owners anticipate having to permanently close within the next 30 days.

70% of restaurant owners have had to lay employees off and/or reduce employee hours.

50% of restaurant operators anticipate having to lay off more employees.

Since march first, the restaurant industry has lost more than 3 million jobs.

54% of restaurants have switched to only offering off-premises services.

Over 60% of restaurant owners have had to reduce their working hours.

Downloads for grocery apps have spiked as more people choose cooking at home over takeout. Downloads for Instacart increased 215% from February 14th to March 15th.

President Trump signed a $2 trillion coronavirus relief fund, which includes provisions for small businesses like restaurants.

$350 billion in forgivable loans will be available for distressed businesses.

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