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100+ Catchy Fast Food Slogans

fast food slogans

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In an ideal world, we’d all have time to sit down to a nice, home-cooked meal every day. In reality, most of us have incredibly busy lives. There are many times when fast food is the only or best option – which is why it is incredibly popular in the United States.

As part of their marketing, fast food restaurants typically have a slogan – like McDonald’s famous “I’m lovin’ it.” A slogan should be short, memorable, and descriptive. We have put together a list of more than 100 real and potential fast food slogans to inspire you if you’d like to use a slogan in your business’ marketing.

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The Importance of a Restaurant Slogan

A slogan is a short, memorable phrase that is used as part of a branding campaign. The idea behind a slogan is that it tells a story about the brand – and helps customers remember the business. 

Slogans aren’t necessary for all types of restaurants. For example, if you run a quirky coffee shop, you probably don’t need a slogan. However, for many restaurants, a slogan can be a good marketing tool. It can increase brand recognition and help more people find your business.

For example, national chain restaurant Applebee’s bills itself as a “neighborhood grill and bar.” Its long-time slogan, “Eatin good in the neighborhood” emphasized to customers that you could get good food at a “local” spot. The company used the tagline in its advertisements for years, with many people associating the phrase with the restaurant.

How To Write A Good Fast Food Slogan

If you decide that you’d like a restaurant slogan, then there are a few steps that you can take to come up with an effective slogan:

  1. Consider your business and the type of food and service that you offer. If your mission is to serve fresh, organic food, then your slogan should probably emphasize that. If you sell comfort food, that fact should be part of your slogan.
  2. Think about who you want to attract to your restaurant. For example, if you want health-conscious consumers, then your slogan should focus on that – rather than the quickness of service or family atmosphere.
  3. Make your slogan unique. There are many well-known restaurant slogans, like Olive Garden’s former slogan of “When You’re Here, You’re Family.” It can be hard to come up with a slogan that doesn’t play off of an existing tagline, but doing some google searches can be an excellent way to avoid this problem.
  4. Keep it short. While you may want to include all of the major details about your restaurant, your slogan should ideally be 5 words or less. 
  5. Run your slogan by staff, investors, friends, and family. You may think that you’ve hit upon a really great tagline – only to discover that everyone else hates it.  You should also google your proposed slogan to make sure that it isn’t taken, to avoid both copyright issues and brand confusion.

Ready to get started on coming up with a restaurant slogan? Read on for some examples of more than 100 catchy fast food slogans to inspire you.

100+ Memorable Fast Food Slogans

When it comes to fast food slogans, there are many that may immediately spring to mind. In fact, you may even find yourself singing along to a fast food slogan/jingle without even realizing it. This is a real-life example of the power of marketing!

Real-Life Fast Food Slogans

Below, we have listed some examples of existing fast food slogans (many of which you probably already know). Several brands have created multiple excellent slogans over the years and are featured more than once on the list. These slogans can give you a good idea of what works as a slogan. 

  1. McDonald’s: I’m loving it.
  2. Jimmy John’s: Freaky fast, freaky good.
  3. Little Caesars: Pizza. Pizza.
  4. Five Guys: Always fresh, never frozen.
  5. Wendy’s: Quality is our recipe.
  6. Long John Silver’s: We speak fish.
  7. Whataburger: Just like you like it.
  8. KFC: Finger Lickin’ Good
  9. Burger King: Have it your way.
  10. Dunkin’: America runs on Dunkin’.
  11. Dairy Queen: DQ something different.
  12. Wendy’s: It’s way better than fast food. It’s Wendy’s.
  13. El Pollo Loco: When you’re crazy for chicken.
  14. A&W: Where the food’s as good as the root beer.
  15. Popeyes: Love that chicken from Popeyes.
  16. Burger King: The home of the Whopper.
  17. Taco Bell: Head for the Border
  18. Arby’s: We have the meats.
  19. Burger King: You Rule
  20. Papa John’s: Better ingredients. Better pizza.
  21. Subway: Eat fresh.
  22. Taco Bell: Think outside the bun.
  23. KFC: We do chicken right.
  24. Hardees: Where the food’s the star.
  25. Sonic: America’s Drive-In
  26. In-N-Out: Quality you can taste.
  27. Wendy’s: Where’s the beef?
  28. Chick-Fil-A: Eat mor chickin!
  29. Dairy Queen: Hot eats, cool treats.
  30. Quizno’s: Mmmm…toasty!
  31. Jack in the Box: We don’t make it until you order it.
  32. Taco Bell: Yo quiero Taco Bell.
  33. Chipotle: Food with Integrity

Other Fast Food Slogan Ideas

In addition to existing slogans, we also have put together a list of potential fast food slogan ideas to inspire your brainstorming session.

  1. Hot, Spicy, and Fast
  2. Flavor on the Fly
  3. Meat You Here
  4. Fast Food for Fast Smiles
  5. Fun. Fast. Fantastic
  6. Quick Quality
  7. Wake Up Your Taste Buds
  8. Savor the Speed
  9. Food that Makes You Go MMMMM
  10. Try It and Love It
  11. Hasty Yet Tasty
  12. Real Food, Real Fast
  13. Live the Green Life
  14. Quick Bites, Big Delights
  15. Fast Food Done Right
  16. Make Everyday Fry-Day
  17. Slow Down for Our Fast Food
  18. Bite into Happiness
  19. Speedy Eats for Happy Bellies
  20. Craveable Bites
  21. Healthy Fast Food Exists
  22. Your Hunger Is Our Priority
  23. Speedy Satisfaction
  24. Fast Food for a Good Mood
  25. On-the-Go Goodies
  26. Eating in the Fast Lane
  27. Pure. Local. Honest.
  28. Great Food and Great Value
  29. Quick, Crispy Goodness
  30. Quick Eats and Big Treats
  31. Heaven in a Hamburger
  32. Yummy for Your Tummy
  33. Fast Food Done Right
  34. Great – without the Grease
  35. Fast Food with a Twist
  36. Organic Power
  37. Mouthwatering Delights
  38. Feed Your Belly
  39. Never Go Hungry
  40. Fresh, Hot and Fast
  41. Sweet Treats to Go
  42. Savory Delights
  43. Eat Well Fast
  44. Great Food, Low Prices
  45. Fast Food, Freshly Made
  46. Real Food for Real People
  47. Fast. Fresh. For Real.
  48. Hustle Culture Food
  49. Good Food in Minutes
  50. Hungry? We Got You.
  51. Dangerously Delicious.
  52. Grab n’ Go Grub
  53. Big Flavor, Served Fast
  54. Great Food, Right Now
  55. Taco a Go-Go
  56. Fast Food Reimagined
  57. Bites of Bliss
  58. The Ultimate Burger Experience
  59. A Slice of Happiness
  60. Speedy Stacked Subs
  61. Hot Dogs with a Twist
  62. Love at First Bite
  63. Scoops of Happiness
  64. Fuel Your Mornings
  65. Burritos, Tacos, and More
  66. Taste the Best
  67. It’s Nugget Time
  68. Cheesesteak Love
  69. Start Your Day Off Right

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100+ Catchy Fast Food Slogans

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