Barcelona Metro maps updated in , including all the new lines an stations. Barcelona Metro map updated in mapa metro barcelona 7 Jan The official website of metropolitan public transport (ATM-TMB) in Barcelona, has been modified according to our updated map. In particular. On this page you’ll find a Barcelona metro map that will help you plan you route with the TMB and FGC metro transport system. The map shows both TMB, FGC.

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UI performance improvements Data improvements General bug fixes. Therefore total travel journey time is approximately is:.

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There are different places to buy metro tickets in Barcelona, the most usual one in the same metro station there are vending machines and also a ticket office that is manual in most of them.

Tmb mapa metro barcelona others with your opinion and experience. You can now view the map full screen by rotating your iPhone.

There are travel cards by days, to use unlimited times during tmb mapa metro barcelona course of 2 days up to 5 days cards, the card includes metro and bus tmblocal trains fgctram and regional trains called Rodalies de Catalunya-this is the one that gets you from and to the airport by train. Bear in mind that it is an Individual bbarcelona card.

Better late than never. Created by Vinals creative commons licensemodified by Mapametrobarcelona. Some of the functionality improvements are:. The T is probably one of the most used cards since it is a multi-person travel card valid for 10 journeys, if you are metor the city you will move around zone 1 which is the capital, there are up to 6 zones that go to the surrounding are of jetro city.

You can then calculate your tmb mapa metro barcelona transit time using our calculation below the tmb mapa metro barcelona.

Plano de Metro de Barcelona 2018

We also have another fourth map created by us: Some of the functionality improvements are: Take into account that since TMB is the same company who runs the metro and the buses in the city, the same ticket is valid for both transports, so you can mix and match the journeys with metro and bus combined tmb mapa metro barcelona the same ticket.

Tmb mapa metro barcelona Metro includes the official TMB metro map and a handy route planner. Recently i was in Bagcelona and used this hmb.

We promise no bugs were harmed in the process! Definitely worth the download! To plot your journey simply find your start and end stations then work out if you need to change or not.

The underground started in with the green line, currently line number 3, this changed completely how Barcelonians moved around the city.

In the map below, it shows different means of transport, the underground lines that are specified in the legend with the schedule, the fgc lines -metropolitan train, L6, L7 and L8- the tram lines -called T1, T2, T3 and are green- and some train lines appear too with and R mspa in orange.

We also tmb mapa metro barcelona the Barcelona metro map in Metri tmb mapa metro barcelona.

Plano de Metro de Barcelona

It truly depends on how much do you plan to use the transport and how, there are plenty of options and if you do it well you can save some pennies too. You can see the time table below of the underground but there mapx a couple of local tips I would like to give you:. The first departures go tmb mapa metro barcelona 9am and 9. London Underground by Zuti.

Maps | Barcelona Metro

We’ve made improvements for compatibility and removed a few bugs too. Click on the map above to see a version which you can print out. Give it a try and share tmb mapa metro barcelona your friends and family.

TMB Transports Metropolitans bqrcelona Barcelona manages the metro tmb mapa metro barcelona bus networks of the metropolitan area, providing services to the city of Barcelona and ten more municipalities. Right know we have different metro lines, 8 to be exact: Barcelona Card gives you unlimited transport on the Barcelona transport system metro, bus, tram.

Or if you need you can calculate tmb mapa metro barcelona optimal route directly: Developer Response Jul 24, Other Projects Repsol Guide Transport and infrastructure. Tmb mapa metro barcelona time and money was spent on transportation in order to create ours maps and confirm that all details are up to date. A good way to visit the city is walking, if you like to wind around the city, the single ticket might be your choice for when you are tired bracelona want to head to the hotel taking the metro or the bus.