Ten Billion is a book concerning the topic of human overpopulation and its relationship to global warming. PDF | On Jun 1, , Rachel Howell and others published 10 Billion by Stephen Emmott London: Penguin, , pp, 13 graphs, 12 B&W photographs. Stephen Emmott, a scientist whose lab is at the forefront of research into complex natural systems, sounds the alarm. TEN BILLION is a snapshot of our planet.

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The book does indeed often read like a script, or maybe as the notes to accompany his previous lecture, with just a few lines on the top of each page. The study he seems to be referring to was carried out by Eric Rignot and others http: When the premise is sold as presenting the global catastrophe that we are facing, emmtt is an untold implication that there may be a solution or at least some ideas, but this offered nothing but further scaremongering and to be honest, I might have been better reading another dramatic newspaper article about climate change.

This book is another bitter reminder of the direction of our future.

Stephen Emmott

Is a book of real facts and indestructible logical silogisms built with those facts,is a book concise that one reads in a few hours. He reserves particular scorn for the impact of improved agricultural technologies such as pesticides and fertilisers. And this is indeed going to be one of the world’s most pressing problems by Still it is better to be emmoht of the situation no matter how dire. Three stars lost because a authors lack of faith in the kindness of humanity “teach my son how to use stehen gun” being the authors final words, quoting someone else, b extreme lack of depth [few references and no suggestions for further reading] and c no tangible and practical suggestions for radical behavioural change, just negativity and flippancy.

On the other hand, I’ll never be able to think the same way again. Sep 14, Sir rated it it was amazing. Several of his very sparsely filled pages are given over to discussing how much water is needed to grow food but nowhere does he discuss the global availability. But such behaviour is now part of the problem.

Greenhouse gas emissions Water Pollution Food comment. Others are similarly invented.

In we flew 62 billion pasanger miles. A rise in celsius degrees,probably more, in mean global temperatures seems inevitable The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change,whose job it has been for twenty years to ensure stabilice greenhouse gases on earths athmosfere: And this means that every way we look at it, a planet of ten billion people is likely to be a nightmare. This book, and this man has confirmed for me everything I think about human beings, and I am so glad that I read this book, as now I know that I am not alone in thinking that the greatest threat to our development, ren indeed our existence, is ourselves.


The Voice of Russia summarised their results as follows. For though 10 Billion might have started out as a work of scientific enquiry, it increasingly appears to be driven by anger.

His assessments of the need for more land on which to grow crops seem to crudely assume no increase whatsoever in yields per hectare, ignoring reliable evidence since the s. The images and tej were interesting, though not well integrated with the text, and though I did learn some new things about climate change, a lot of it was repeated multiple times throughout this book.

Stephen Emmott’s 10 billion book is unscientific and misanthropic | Environment | The Guardian

In a review published in The Guardian, John Gray describes the book as “short, highly accessible and vividly illustrated,” offering “compelling evidence that ‘entire global ecosystems are not only capable of suffering a catastrophic tipping point, but are already approaching such a transition.

It isnt The biggest and billin important experiment on Earth is the one we are all conducting,right now,on Earth itself Only a idiot would deny that thre is a limit to how many people our Earth can support.

The paper said The government has issued new oil and gas licences to companies seeking to drill in the North Sea, in what John Hayes, the energy minister, described as a “bonanza” for the oil industry. At one point the word tej is used 8 times in just over words to describe a tip into some future hell.

10 Billion, by Stephen Emmott, review

Emmott starting his career doing postdoctoral research at Bell Labs from — Population is increasing enmott food sources are decreasing. The meat industry is resposable of 50 percent of greenhouse gases emisions and rainforest destruction especially in Amazonas to plant soy to feed herds As our numbers continue to grow we continue to increase our need of far more cereals,far more land,far more transportation,far more water,far more energy mainly of fossil fuels speeding the global warming.

When Jennifer Paterson, one of the Two Fat Ladies of television cooking fame, came to killing a lobster on screen, she addressed the squeamish in her audience stpehen the words: This book, and this man has confirmed for me everything I think about human beings, and I am so glad that I read this book, as now I know that I am not alone in thinking that the greatest threat to our development, and indeed our I just sat here for an hour and read the entire thing emmoyt one go.


Bythe the population will reach 9 billion. Instead, this layout gave the feeling of a Powerpoint presentation. View all 3 comments. No one should feel this way; but it’s necessary. This statement seems to have originated in an Economist article of June 16 th ‘The Melting North. There are no answers here.

If someone has a scientific bent and wishes to hear a fire and brimstone sermon and calls to repent for the end is nigh one can pick up environmental literature and feel a sinners remorse and wrath of almighty mother nature.

Therefore, it is light reading in the sense of quantity of text. And that is why this book is terrific. Lists with This Book. There’s nothing optimistic here.

If you have 1 to 2 hours to read a book and a library like mine that has it Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott.

You will have nightmares. It is a tribute to the clarity of his message that, as a result, anyone not immediately expecting to meet their maker, and certainly anyone with young children, will start thinking about the need to build an ark. That being said, if even half of what he says is true, we need to start training our children to be very creative thinkers, because the proverbial shit will be hitting the fan some time later this century.

Jun 13, farmwifetwo rated it liked it Shelves: The steel is then transported in a very large and contaminant ship to for example Germany. In the end, his ambivalent feelings towards humanity come out all too clearly. The arguments often dropped off without support, the serious tone felt mostly like heavy handed schtick, and overall I was pretty disappointed that a very important issue was not served well through this book.

I don’t know if life will ever be the same again, but my deep interest in getting knowledge, getting to know the truth, makes me happy about all this. Once again, he doesn’t provide a source for this comment.

The plastic for the dashboard is made using oil in the ground that has to be extracted and carried in a enormous ship and so on. Russian scientists have discovered more than sources of methane emissions in the Arctic, particularly in the north of the Laptev Sea.

Trivia About Ten Billion.