Author: Mahakavi Kalidasa Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai Pages: 38 Binding: Paperback. Shyamala Dandakam Lyrics with English meaning and Devotional video song sung by Bombay Saradha. Shyamala Dandakam stotra is dedicated to Goddess . Shyamala Dandakam With Lyrics | श्यामला दण्डकम | Navratri Song | Durga Amman Pottri | Tamil Devotional | Mahanadhi Shobana | Amman Songs.

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Anjaneya dandakam kannada lyrics text anjaneya dandakam kannada script hanuman dandakam. Victory to the Divine Mother who is the darling of Siva and the whole world and who likes to live in the forest of kalpavriksha-like kadamba trees surrounding which is a forest of bilwa trees on the island of Manidweep in the midst of the ocean of nectar. Your glories are sung by Kinnaras by playing the melodious Veena which captivates the ears. In this case there is only one sentence from start to the end.

If he meditates on you as having golden complexion, he will sport with thousands of Lakshmis i. I have been searching for word-to-word meaning of this dandakam for many years many sites but couldn’t get it….

Shyamala dandakam perhaps the greatest stotra written maha kavi kalidasa eulogizing the mother goddess shyamala. Author Socials Follow me Twitter Facebook. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Maa Durga Live Wallpaper with 12 images in circular slide show.

Shyamala Dandakam By Maha Kavi Kalidasa Shyamala

Log in to Reply. View this english kannada devanagari. Shyamala dandakam perhaps the greatest stotra written him eulogizing the mother goddess. Mahakavi kalidasu shyaamla movie produced k.

He was a foolish wood cutter who was made to act wise by the courtiers of a proud princess and thus convinced the princess marry him. Anonymous june am. Victory to the Divine Mother who is the embodiment of auspiciousness and whose blemishless beauty is lighted up by ornaments like necklaces studded with divine diamonds and gems.

Shyamala Dandakam is a whole poetry in one line, comas excepted. Victory to the Divine Mother who is as cool as the moonlight and the expanse and beauty of whose hip, adorned with a mekhala which shines with red stones, surpasses the expanse and beauty of the plateau of the golden mountain Meru.

Victory to the Divine Mother whose beautiful cheeks are lighted up by the moonlight-like lustre from the string of pearls adorning the short curly hair playing on her forehead and the melody from the Veena is made denser by the humming of honey-bees which are attracted by the fragrance arising from the patterns of kasturi made on her cheeks.


Victory to the Divine Mother who showers wealth on those serving her, whose bosom is adorned by several gold chains studded with diamonds lgrics a cluster of stars and who tmil slightly bent because of the weight of the breasts and who has wave-like folds in the middle which further enhance the beauty of what is already an diamond mine or ocean of beauty.

Shyamala Dandakam Lyrics | Hindu Devotional Blog

Drag set position allennotice. Victory to the Divine Mother who is worshipped by the yogis and whose hands shine with the rays from the diamond-studded keyura, the rays giving the impression of tender leaf buds.

The deer are deluded into thinking, by the texture and colour of the hair, that it is green durva grass. Shyamala dandakam author jprakashb created date home stotras prayer hymns devi stotras shyamala dandakam shyamala dandakam shyamala dandakam maha kavi kalidasa translated p.

Victory to the Divine Mother whose face is lighted up by a beautiful smile, whose mouth is fragrant with betel leaf areca nut and camphor pieces, who sports the gnana mudra on her hand, who showers riches on her devotees and whose hands are beautiful and soft like the lotus.

Keywords kannada stotras shyamala dandakam vishnu sahasranama ganapathi ganesha.

Victory to the Divine Mother who is worshipped by sadhus, the splendour of the manikya in whose bangles spreads in all directions of the world and who is splendidly adorned. Suri babu sarani productions banner and directed kamalakara kameswara rao.

The wood cutter is none other than Kalidasa was one of the great Sanskrit poets. B music lyrics shyamala dandhakam. You mollycoddle and play with the parrot which is the personification of all knowledge, which keeps telling interesting stories, which has on its neck three lines of different colours, which has two pretty dark green wings and whose beak surpasses the kimshuka flower in its red colour.

Victory to the Divine Mother who is one without a second, whose compassion is always ascendant and whose both hands surpass the beauty of the blooming lotus in the early morning. Victory to the Divine Mother who is seated on the dais of pretty nine jewels, whose throne is of diamonds, who is served by the shamkha and padma nidhis, who is famous, who is accompanied by Ganesha, Durga, Vatu and Kshetrapala, who has the company of intoxicated matanga kanyas, who is surrounded by the eight bhairavas, who is honoured by Manjula, Menaka and other celestial damsels, who is served by saktis like Vama, eight saktis of Dhatri ,Lakshmi and others, who is worshipped by the seven mothers, yakshas, gandharvas and the siddhanganas, who is surrounded by bhairavies, who is the very soul of Kama, who is honoured by Kama and Rati and who is propitiated by Vasanta who enjoys her affection.


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Victory to the Divine Mother before whom bow down Indra, Vishnu, Siva, the lokapalas, Brahma, Yama, the Asura King, Kubera, Vayu, Agni and whose feet, adorned with red laksharasa and caressed by Lakshmi, shine like the lurics of the rising sun by the rays of manikya in the crowns of the celestials bowing down. Shiva Tandava Stotram is a Hindu hymn composed by the demon king Ravana. He is extremely famous for the use of appropriate similes and metaphors.

This is a Stotram on Lord Shiva, in His aspect as a teacher bestowing knowledge. Shyamala dandakam pdf kannada kim siddhyedvapuh zyamalam komalam candracudanvitam tavakam dhyayatah tasya lila sarovaridhih tasya kelivanam nandanam tasya bhadrasanam bhutalam tasya. Grateful for the sloka with meaning. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam in legendary voice of M. It is believed that chanting Shyamala Dandakam daily with faith makes us Intellectual and wise.

Ramachander presently supports devanagari diacritical roman kannada malayalam tamizh and telugu. Lalita Sahasranama is a text from Brahmanda Purana.

You bless your devotees with material and spiritual welfare. There is a dandajam story about how Kalidas came about to write this stotra. Victory to the Divine Mother who is clothed in divine gem-studded raiment and the tinkling sound from whose waist-belt competes with lydics from the sporty bow of Kama Cupid in arousing passionate love.

The princess advised the wood cutter to enter in to a temple of Kali, lyrkcs when she went dhyamala a walk, he locked himself in.

Victory to the Divine Mother who carries the takil veena, whose lips are red like the ripe bimba fruit and whose teeth shine like jasmine buds and the red of her lips mixes with the pure white of her teeth when she smiles.

When Kali came back, the wood cutter refused to allow her in, unless she made him wise. Victory to the Divine Mother who is honoured by the siddhas and who is adorned with tatankas ear-ornaments crafted from palm leaves which oscillate in the process of her playing the veena.

Next the shiva temple manda.