RMAN Interview Questions from Geekinterview – Free download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text Oracle 11g RAC Interview Question and Answers. 18 Jul ORACLE DATABASE RMAN INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS LIKE What are the advantages of RMAN?Validation of the backup Parallelism What are the new features of Oracle 11g RMAN? We have some new. 19 Nov rman interview and scenario based questions and answer and also rman(backup and What are new features in Oracle 11g RMAN?

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What are the different types of segments?

One fine morning our DBserver is restarted due to hard disk crashed and OS issue. Online redo logs can also be made to go to the flash recovery area.

Usually the flash recovery area and the main database disks are located in such a way that the probability of both going down at the same time is very slim. But in oracle10g, it is optional.

Table data is stored in rows and columns. Which types of backups you can take in Oracle? Each index has an index segment that stores all of its data.


What is the difference between backup set and backup piece? What is Level 0, Level 1 backup?

Use a fast recovery without restoring all backups from their backup location to the location specified inthe controlfile. Hi Satya, Always ur post helpful and learned a lots from here. A local index is an index on a partitioned table which is partitioned in the exact same manner as the underlying partitioned table. It depends, what error message you are getting and go for resolve it.

Oracle Database RMAN Interview Questions

Applications should use the services to connect to the Oracle database. If no level 0 is available, then the behavior depends upon the compatibility mode setting oracle version. As recovery catalog is also a database, we will be performing backup for the same. The most noteworthy are the following: Thus this recovery makes database in prior state of database. Sign-up for exclusive content. A segment is a set of extents allocated for a certain logical quetions.

You can have up to 32 voting disks in your cluster. Indexes can easily be recreated after the data was successfully imported. When can hash cluster used?

In Data Pump, we can stop and restart the jobs. If you using ASM, try to have atleast Normal redundancy. A remote cache read, disk read or change access privileges is the inevitable result.


DBWR 15 What background process will write undo data? Why do you take tablespaces in Backup mode? Can a tablespace hold objects from different schemes? Q 11 How can you make sure that only one of the redo log member questionss created in FRA?

Satya’s DBA Blog: Oracle RMAN Interview Questions for DBAs

Generally RMAN backup information will be stored in target database controlfile. Oracle recommends us to use the dd command to backup the voting disk with aminimum block size of 4KB.

Routes connections to the same database instance based on previous connections to an instance to limit performance impacts of switching between instances. We need to choose RMAN incremental level 1 backup as it will complete faster. Also check you db writes may be getting clogged up. For example, assume that either RMAN oraclf an operating system utility reads the block while database writer is in the middle of updating the block.

How do you fix it? What is Cache Fusion Technology?