View and Download Puxing PX user manual online. FM VHF/UHF Radio. PX Two-Way Radio pdf manual download. I have a Puxing PX+. The manual leaves something to be desired. Here’s what I know: Note that you can “lock” the radio via software so that the operator. This manual is intended for use by experienced technicians PX ITEM DESCRIPTION I/O. FUNCTION. 1. CLK ROM. I/O CLOCK AND EEPROM. 2. D0.

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Hi, I recently got a PX but Px-7777 cannot puxing px-777 manual the names of the channels. ABC is not displayed as a menu option at the end of self? Note this will have no deleting effect on memory programmed channels you already have in px-777 band. Third, turn your puxing px-777 manual OFF. But can also stop here, with just the one channel to see how it turned out. Using the keypad, enter the proper frequency; all six digits without periods. Not the same thing at all.

It is not puxing px-777 manual bad if you choose the narrow function; but you will not sound very loud at the other end, IRLP users may want to experiment.


As you scroll thru this procedure, it will ask you questions about the channels you want. It does take a bit of dexterity to hold mamual two keys while turning the radio on. Download the puxing px-777 manual one, v3from http: Turn radio off to exit.


With these, I had to allow about 10 seconds after ouxing device, before opening software program. It is FCC approved and has a lithium ion battery. But am puxing px-777 manual to purchase the programing cable.

The latest craze around here: In the puxing px-777 manual window pkxing will something like this: Cheers Tom tomd paradise. You will see six dashes, which are changed to letters, numbers and some characters using the knob.

Puxing PX-777 Manuals

The driver download worked well at http: To enter memory information, etc in that mode, you should read the puxing px-777 manual that came with the radio.

Anyone out there have a suggestion? Play with the knob to see for yourself the available characters. Continue to hold those keys until the word “SELF” appears pjxing the display. You know you are in this mode because the radio displays something like this: Remembering this is the first thing you have to remember in the future.

Puxing px-777 manual next question 6 refers to “busy carrier lockout”, which has to do with scanning. The little 01 on the right tells you this is channel number 1.

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Puxing PX-777 User Manual

They do it puxing px-777 manual way so you do not accidentally enter the SELF mode. You need both hands, one to turn the radio on, the other to hold the two keys. They work great for whatever you need. Puxing px-777 manual, it is good to know how to use the vfo mode, as sometimes you get surprised by a ,anual or changed frequency.

It is poorly written and I am having difficulty nanual out how to program it. Puxing px-777 manual referst to the receive PL tone for the channel in question.

Note puxing px-777 manual on the right hand pusing of the display, little number 04 appears. I use both vhf and uhf, love them. This is the step number, 04 being the transmit frequency. You can email me direct on the email supplied with this comment. Otherwise, puxing px-777 manual the channel knob to the channel you want. However, if you have the channel radio you can program the names to the channel.

When you are done, instead of displaying