26 Oct Go beyond simple queries and get the inside track on how to write system administration scripts with Windows Management Instrumentation. Selection from Microsoft® Windows® Scripting Self-Paced Learning Guide [Book] Scripting Host (WSH), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and. Microsoft Windows Scripting with WMI: Self-Paced Learning Guide [Ed Wilson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Go beyond simple queries.

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The command is put together like this: Since concatenation does not automatically include spaces, you have to put in the appropriate spaces inside the quotation marks. How to Run Scripts You can run scripts in several ways on Windows Servereach of which has advantages and disadvantages.

Microsoft® Windows® Scripting Self-Paced Learning Guide [Book]

On a new line, assign a variable to WScript. The modified code looks like the following: What is the main reason for using constants? Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. This allows you to see how long it takes the script to complete its processing—the Now command reports down to the second. Assign a variable to the command WScript. This witg to pause the script can have a number of uses. On the next line, type Next.

Microsoft® Windows® Scripting Self-Paced Learning Guide

Echo will produce a pop-up dialog box in WScript or send out- put to the console window when run under CScript. As the code walks, it echoes out the value of the information you want such as the process, process ID, and thread count. Lab 17 Echoing the Time Zone. It would be learnijg if the copy operation failed but the delete worked.

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Microsoft Windows Scripting with WMI: Self-Paced Learning Guide by Ed Wilson

microsofh Named command-line arguments have the advantage of being easier on both the scripter and the user. Paste the variables from step 2 into the Output information section. We learned how to read from the registry and how to get information out to the user. When you do not use Option Explicit, a misspelled variable automatically becomes a new variable. These forms are covered in depth in the section on the registry.

Name the four parts of a VBScript.

In addition, If you standardize your documentation procedures, Then the created book will require very little touch-up work when you are finished. The service name is not the same as the display name that is used in the services application, rather it is the name assigned within the registry when the csripting is created.

You have drunk nearly a dozen cups of coffee, and you try to steady your hands. You include the space because the ampersand is used to glue two phrases together, and VBScript does not add spaces when concatenating lines.

To inform VBScript that all variables will be declared prior to use. As shown in Figuresef-paced select the windpws key containing the information you want VBScript to extract, open the Edit menu, and select Copy Key Name from the list.

Microsoft Windows scripting self-paced learning guide

Echo command is illustrated in the following code: Preface each line with WScript. Since it is a collection, you need to use For Each…Next to walk iterate through the collection.


This section concludes by looking at troubleshooting scripts. The constant ForReading is set to 1, which tells VBScript that you are going to read a text file as opposed to write to the file. You must first connect to FileSystemObject to be able to read the text file.

Here is the CPUType. With the For…Next construct, you must know exactly how many times you want to do something. To evaluate three conditions, what construction can be used? An Object in Any Other Namespace…. Add comments to identify each section of the script.

On a new line in the script, type Select Case and a variable to evaluate. You want to create a looping condition that does not run when a certain condition is true. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The third and fourth lines of the GetComments. Do not type anything in the Find What box. To evaluate two conditions, you would use If…Then…Else.

Advanced Windows Administration Lastly, my wife Teresa read the entire book and offered many insightful comments. Here is the Worker information and the Output information part of the script: