Guadalinex is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and developed by (MD5) from here: (3,MB). and a practical user manual written specifically for this version of the distribution. Full Package List: Guadalinex Number of .. gnome-user-guide-es + gitubuntu2 guadalinex-eadmin vguada2. I cannot log in this ditribution: guadalinex-v7-desktop-ialpha . There is also supposed to be a manual on the CD. My Spanish is not up to.

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QoS on Windows — An Example.

Repositorio de Guadalinex

A list of the most common SIP Responses. What began as a minor update to bring a few bug fixes and fresh releases of Ardour 3 and Kdenlive to the DVD image has ballooned into a major update encompassing many of the main applications and bringing the best of what is new and happening to Linux audio and video enthusiasts.

An overview of hard and soft links Released last week: See the brief release announcement in Spanish and follow guaddalinex included links for further information. New application in SparkyLinux repository: These are some of the changes: Relative to the last installation media release, our tools have been improved and polished.

This version replaces Coral which suffered from serious bugs following its release as the current stable FreeNAS: It was developed for analyzing diffraction patterns, but can be also used in other fields, since concepts and operations specific for crystallography are separated from the rest of the program.


Both editions feature a more customizable Update Manager, a more flexible login screen and low-level enhancements. Fail2Ban scans log files e. Apart from the usual programs for Internet browsing, email and chat, the distribution comes with a parental control tool called “Nanny”, developed in-house, which will help fathers and mothers in protecting their children from accessing malicious and inappropriate web sites.

Parrot Security OS 3. We improved our hardware detection, renewed our installer Calamaresadded the latest packages available to our install media and polished our release as a whole.


If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. The terminal is now able to better auto-complete the commands you type and also their arguments.

Giadalinex Linux Newsletter Point Linux, Ultimate Edition Released last week: In case you are wondering, this version is still based on Debian 8 “Jessie” and not on the just-released Debian 9 “Stretch”.

Having a problem logging in? Void publishes tips and tricks. As usual, ISO images are available for janual amd64, armv6, i, aarch64, powerpc, powerpc64 and sparc64 architectures. The new release features Firefox 52 ESR, Google Chrome 58 with Netflix streaming support and the swap partition has been replaced by a more flexible swap file.


The product ships with several Internet applications, including web browser, IRC client, mail client and instant messenger, all pre-configured with security in mind guaealinex with all traffic anonymised.

Manual guadalinex v7 monitor

The HandyLinux distribution, a user-friendly French distribution based on Debian, has released an update to the project’s 2. You can make a donation here. This gives the ability to centralize policies across the whole network from the cloud firewall.

I could use some help with describing the upgrade steps or even creating a script to aid users in process of upgrading their systems. The developers behind OpenMandriva have released a new version of their novice-friendly guadalinwx. Compared to Guadalinex 1.

Clement Lefebvre has announced the release of Linux Mint 17 “Xfce” edition: Samuel Baggen has announced the release of Elive 2.

Black Lab Linux The third release candidate for the updated version 3 series of Guadalinexa Spanish distribution based on Ubuntu Breezy, has been released for download and testing. Read the rest of the announcement in Spanish.