From Hodenpyl Dam Pond the Manistee River winds south uninhibited and free in the Manistee National Forest for 13 miles before a road crosses it. in Lower Michigan. It is almost always busy on the Manistee River Trail side, campsites are often doubled FULL MAP ยท The Manistee River Loop Trail Map . 27 Oct A complete guide to backpacking the Manistee River Trail. (Maps, photos, a detailed account of our misadventure, and an illustrated campsite.

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Well maintained and beautiful scenery. About three miles into the MRT hike, you will come across a small wooden foot bridge that takes you over a series of small waterfalls feeding into the Big Manistee River below. Sandhill Crane Photo Credit: Loads of ferns, several footbridges, people kayaking on the river added up to a wonderful time. Your email address will not be published.

Did the River Trail. After re-directing ourselves on the right path, we spotted signs for the MRT trail spur, and soon passed Upper River Rd.

We only did the side of the trail by the river and it was stunning. Coates Highway but I didn’t plan on doing the loop.

I was however congratulating myself on our ultralight gear and packs. First time out here – definitely a good hike for the Midwest. You start by dropping a canoe or kayaks at the north end of the trail, on the west side of the river. Is there a problem with bow hunters near the trails?


As you are packing up for the final leg, you should be glad to know that it is downhill most of the day into the beginning of the backwaters of Tippy Dam. On the way out, Saturday afternoon now, I must have mannistee about 30 people’s paths. When you wake up set out on a day hike on the MRT.

The fire pit is located right on the edge overlooking a snake turn in the river. Sandy on May 13, at 9: We need to see it again. Just follow the road to the left until you come to where the North Country Trail crosses the road. Collapse Back to ricer. There are lots of great hikes in the lower peninsula of Michigan but I do love Maniistee Rocks as well.

There are many great hikes along the NCT worth checking out. Plenty of wildlife,birds etc.

Manistee River Trail-Manistee National Forest

It was an amazing weekend – crowded but nice. Excited to hike this trail on Monday! On Saturday, we departed about 9 am from Seaton Creek Campground on a crisp but sunny morning in mid-October. The distance to this area is approx. Is there a place to park a car overnight on the East side of Red Bridge? Great trail with many beautiful lookouts along the Manistee River.


Designated campsites along the route are now marked and numbered. Looks like they plan to be done sometime in August! If you are starting your hike in the morning or early afternoon, putting in a long hike the first day will be rewarded as you will certainly want to sightsee the second and third day when you are on the Manistee River Trail where the views and natural terrain are spectacular.

A great place for a group photo op. We only saw 2 or 3 groups of people all day on the NCT.

Manistee River Trail & North Country Trail Loop

Surrounded by rivre of the five great lakes, Michigan is an outdoor lovers dream. It does ttrail a nice place for a hammock though, and a flat space for at least one tent. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. We experienced great hiking temperatures but it did rain once. Heading south along the trail, between mile marker two and three, you will come upon a small waterfall, spilling over into the Manistee River. Once in a while you’ll see a mountain biker.