23 Jan I just got “The Magic Way” by Juan Tamariz. on page 37 he actually suggests that you “hold your left hand somewhat cramped” with “the arm. I know Juan has three books which were translated to English. Magic Way deals with the construction of effects, while Five Points deals with. The Magic Way. The theory of false solutions and the magic way. Written by Juan Tamariz. Work of Juan Tamariz. pages (Hardcover), published by.

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This is achieved through good effect design an proper execution.

The Magic Way ($) – Juan Tamariz – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Typically takes 2 – 3 days. As you watch the dedicated audience applaud every routine and take in every word, you’ll begin to feel like Buy it now, read it, study it, breath with it, and read it again.

We’re fortunate to be quite familiar with Juan’s Using only a few playing cards, pieces of paper and other common objects as props, Juan Tamariz and Words Beyond a B. This will be marketed this year sometime. Download your magic to any device, including our free iPad app. Who carries these books and what is the cost for each? But American audiences could only see him on TV or at conventions to experience his I agree with what you are saying. Steven Leung For many ,agic, the Magic Way is a long-sorted out of print classic magic book that serious magicians looking juqn a copy, simply want to read it and become better magicians as praised by many others.


Who are Vanishing Inc. The Magic Way by Juan Tamariz, is bound to be a classic from one of the worlds greats.

The Magic Way (Juan Tamariz)

And as an Explorer you must be patient and dig and dig and search and search You will read it again. A wonderful edition to mahic other works. He shows in detail how each of these five possessions Share This Page Tweet. How do I know it? We’re proud juqn have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. I’ve just spent the last few days fooling myself. No minimum to get free shipping on this item.

While most other UK magic shops hide what happens behind the scenes, we want you to know exactly how things work. Juan Tamariz is a one-of -a-kind performer. We should be able to get the spectator to a state where they are watching magic and not just watching a magic trick.

Lead them where you want them to be and then surprise them. He came back from FISM, he walked in the door of Magic Incorporated, opened up his suitcase took out 2 books, set them on the counter in front of me.

I bought this book when it was first published in and the thinking within has affected every single performance I have ever had since. The Magic Way tries to present more theory in magic through examples of one effect – oil and water – around 20 versions of oil and water there.

The Magic Way?!

Feb 20, The best is seeing him live. Out of the two, I would go with the five points first, this book opened my eyes regarding performing. JimMaloney Inner circle Posts. Ring 8 Secretary http: Afraid Jyan don’t have much insight to offer, but Tamariz has always struck me as having a very unique performance style that not everyone could pull off.


He clearly explains how you can prove all possible solutions wrong in the minds of the spectators, trapping them in a bubble with no exit, producing the sensation of true magic. Antonio Diavolo and RealityOne like this. As soon as the package is dispatched you’ll receive a link to track it on this page.

I met the maestro twice during magic conventions and his performance surrounded by hundred veteran magicians, For over an hour he performed exactly described in his book and left all of us in the magic way. One of the great opportunities you have at Vanishing Juna is that we can make specific, helpful suggestions to you. Magic Way and Five Points are both on theory.

Juan Tamariz – The Magic Way

Magic is a vanishing Art. Magic Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best He has released very little, but you should really study ALL of it!

For an unbelievable ending you now turn the cards face down to show that This way you avoid expensive international shipping fees and taxes. What if you could take a lesson right now, in your home, from Juan Tamariz? Juan Tamariz is, perhaps, the finest living magician. Magic shop we’re proud to produce great magic books, tricks, downloads and DVDs.