this is great news for those that have had ylod lets hope that it fixes every ps3 that . I have sent email to gilksy some time ago to get my method to his guide, but. Free comprehensive guide to repairing YLOD on the PS3 console. All videos and techniques provided by gilksy. I sent my Launch Day Fat PS3 to Gophermods for YLoD repair a few to a different PS3) then you can repair it yourself by following Gilksy’s.

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PS3 YLoD Motherboard Repair Guide, With Gilksy Videos

I have been giljsy vacation abroad so I haven’t been able read this forum. I’ll move on to the more challenging tutorial Terms of Use Violations: Unscrew 4 screws and remove sprung brackets, gilksy ps3 ylod fix below. How exactly does YLoD occur. So, my PS3 is quite old and the fans always seem to get really noisy.

Mr Einds Mr Einds 5 years ago 5 I second the gophermods recommendation.

Hinge case towards you until disengaged and then tilt towards the left. You are not allowed to request a sticky. Recovery Menu DualShock 3.

YLOD Repair Guide

Basically, if you can build your gilksy ps3 ylod fix computer you should be able to handle performing this repair. Foil off any type of connector you see as well as the smaller chips.

I have sent email to ylo some time ago to get my method to his guide, but since he hasn’t replied I decided to post my method here. Now unclip black rear panel and remove.


Place the ps3 mother board on a flat heat resistive surface kitchen work top or melamine shelf will be fine. Flat blade screw driver gilksy ps3 ylod fix slotted torx bit. Visit the New Forum.

They weren’t able to save my ps3, possibly because the first place i took it to messed it up beyond repair, but gophermods has got to be the company i’ve dealt with in years. Buy any type of thermal paste.

PS3 YLoD Motherboard Repair Guide, With Gilksy Videos

Actually I figured this out by pressing one GPU corner with screwdriver lesson learned: Those of you who are not having results besure you replace your thermal material with AS5 http: This guide was developed using a 60gb model, gilksy ps3 ylod fix that other models may be slightly different to disassemble.

When I tried to turn it on, it would beep and flash a bunch of red lights at me before powering back off. Now its time to apply new heat sink compound to the 2 processors, when doing this its always best to follow the manufacturers instructions but I believe the process is the same with all types please check instructions that come with pastebefore continuing. If I build a house and it crumbles a year in a half later I doubt I could get away with that.

Use syringe supplied and dispense a small worm of compound from top gilksy ps3 ylod fix bottom on the left hand side of gilksy ps3 ylod fix chip, now using credit card supplied spread compound evenly and thinly over processor face to much is bad and not enough is also bad the ideal amount is when you can almost see through the paste.


I call 2 minutes bs so stop exaggerating, nice mod btw: Other cleaners may be substituted.

The written guide, video and PDF file below will walk you through the entire process and cover all necessary details gilksyy the repair. Before we begin, see our guide on removing any disks that could be trapped inside your PS3 certain models only.

Up till now gilksy ps3 ylod fix has not been a fix for this but Gilksy1 has found a way to fix this for PS3 owners.

I did it myself. Disclaimer SEMPER T HREE in no way guarantees that your system will be repaired using this process and requires users of this guide to read and accept our disclaimer that is provided on our main repair page.

Adding these washers have been enough for all PS3s I have come across.

Send your system to Sony for repairs! Now remove the wide ribbon from connector lift tab unscrew the four screws on the Bluetooth board and remove.

Total class, all the way. Remove gilksy ps3 ylod fix cable by carefully lifting black part of connector locking tab.