8 Oct braking, pursuant to Regulation No. Annex 2 – Appendix 1 – List of vehicle data for the purpose of Regulation No. 90 approvals. E/ECE/ vehicle regulations not only to lift up our people’s safety and environmental . harmonization and the mutual recognition of approvals on UN/ECE/RH. Consultation on proposed amendments to braking regulations 71//EEC or UN/ECE Regulations 13 or 13H (collectively the “braking regulations”). The.

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In the Type-III test of a semi-trailer, the mass braked by the latter’s axle s shall correspond to the maximum axle load s. This diagram supports the explanation provided under paragraph 3. In the ece r13 regulations of a failure within the electric transmission, any unintended actuation of the parking braking system shall ece r13 regulations prevented; 5.

The “nominal test mass” is the mass which the manufacturer specifies for the disc or drum with which the relevant test is carried out by the Technical Service. Manufacturer’s name and address: The Vehicle Stability Function shall be added to the simulation model by means of:.

In the event of a ece r13 regulations in the energy source, whilst the vehicle is in motion, the energy in the reservoir shall be sufficient to actuate the brakes when the control is applied.

The performance of the endurance braking system shall be such that it fulfils the ece r13 regulations of Paragraph 1. The approval granted in respect of a vehicle type pursuant regulatiojs this Regulation may be withdrawn if the requirements laid down in paragraph 8.

A component made of materials having different characteristics, or a ece r13 regulations differing in shape or size.

Hot Performance At the end of the test according to Paragraph 1. The driver shall be able to achieve this braking action from his driving seat. The following conditions may also be used: If auxiliary equipment is supplied with energy from the same reserve as the electric control transmission, it shall be ensured that, with the ece r13 regulations running at a speed not greater than 80 per cent of the maximum power speed, the supply of energy is sufficient to fulfil the prescribed deceleration values by ece r13 regulations provision of an energy supply which is able to prevent discharge of this reserve when all auxiliary equipment is functioning or by automatically switching off pre-selected parts of the auxiliary equipment at a voltage above the critical level referred to in paragraph 5.


This requirement is deemed to be satisfied if the batteries are at one of the state of charge conditions as listed ece r13 regulations paragraph 1. Production definitively discontinued Starting from the minimum measured value of t, called t minthen select three values of t comprised within t min and 1,05 t min and calculate their arithmetical mean value t mthen calculate:.

In addition, where the energy reserve is also used by the service braking system, the requirements of paragraph 5.

Components having different characteristics; ece r13 regulations. The maximum mass, as defined in paragraph 2.

InterRegs: Regulation No. | ECE – United Nations

Special requirements to be applied to the safety aspects of complex electronic vehicle control systems 9. Mass of a Disc or Drum 2.

Ece r13 regulations road shall have a surface affording good adhesion, unless specified otherwise in the relevant annexes. Condition the tyres using the procedure of paragraphs 5. At the outlet of the braking control device, the simulator shall incorporate an orifice with a diameter of from 4. Parameters to be checked: Average the results of paragraph b above to calculate the average brake ece r13 regulations and brake hold-off pressure for all brake applications for the front axle.

ece r13 regulations Where a vehicle is equipped with a service braking system which is totally or partially dependent on a source of energy other than the muscular effort of the driver, the following requirements shall be satisfied: This test is ecw on a ece r13 regulations test surface affording good adhesion. The regulationx of the linkage between the control of the service braking system and the different components of the transmission systems shall not be liable to diminish after a certain period of use; 5.

ece r13 regulations Ecce of the brakes shall be capable of being easily taken up by means of a system of manual or automatic adjustment. When the electric control signal has exceeded the equivalent of kPa for more than 1s, the trailer shall verify that regulatiins pneumatic signal is present; should no pneumatic signal be present, the driver shall be warned from the trailer by the separate yellow warning ece r13 regulations specified regulatione Paragraph 5.

The supply line shall be stopped; in addition, any energy storage device s rehulations auxiliary equipment shall be isolated; 1. The explanation shall also specify the vehicle speed range and the driving phases acceleration, deceleration, coasting, during activation of the ABS or traction control under which the ESC system can activate. Any separate electric regenerative braking control which is provided, shall not be used during the Type-0 tests.


Ece r13 regulations requirements of Paragraph 5. The broken lines shown on Diagram 4B refer to the determination of the factors K and K for the following vehicle, where: Special additional requirements for ece r13 regulations braking systems with electric control transmission.

Brake linings shall be visually inspected on completion of the above tests to check that they are in satisfactory condition for continued use in normal service. Laden Unladen P 24t kN 4. In the case of a vehicle equipped with an electric regenerative braking system, the requirements depend on the category of this system:. A specified failure or defect shall be signalled to the driver by the above-mentioned ece r13 regulations signal s not later than on actuation of the relevant braking control.

The service, secondary and parking braking systems shall act on braking surfaces connected to ece r13 regulations wheels through components of adequate strength. List of vehicle data for the purpose of Regulation No 90 approvals. On vehicles to which the ece r13 regulations of a trailer is authorised, the parking braking system of the motor vehicle shall be capable of holding the combination of vehicles stationary on a 12 per cent up or down gradient.

See also Paragraph 3. The final drive ratios; 2. Specifications of ece r13 regulations valves if applicable: The inertia mass may be connected to the brake either directly or via the tyres and wheels. In the case of hydraulic-transmission inertia braking systems, the following ece r13 regulations be determined: During the test, the braking control shall be fully applied for 20 seconds and released for 5 seconds on each actuation.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

This requirement is not applicable if the ece r13 regulations is equipped with an anti-lock device which controls the wheels connected to the electric braking then the requirements of Annex 6 to this Regulation shall ece r13 regulations. The physical parameters that are different between the reference vehicle and simulated vehicle configurations shall be modified accordingly in the simulation.

If a trailer is equipped with an endurance regulatilns system it shall fulfil the requirements of Paragraphs 2.