Kristijonas Donelaitis was a Prussian Lithuanian poet and Lutheran pastor. He lived and worked in Lithuania Minor, a territory in the Kingdom of Prussia, that had a sizable Lithuanian-speaking minority. He wrote the first classic Lithuanian language poem, The Seasons (Lithuanian: Metai). View credits, reviews, track listings and more about the Lithuania CD release of Metai by Kristijonas Donelaitis – Rolandas Kazlas. Savaitgalį sveikinome mūsų mylimą mokyklos direktorę Jūratė Bujanauskas, kuri jau penkti metai nuoširdžiai ir nenuilstamai dirba, visada kupina pozityvumo ir.

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Soon the husband gathered boughs and twigs in armfuls, While, without delay, his wife patched up their home. Hail, everchanging world, you’ve kept the feats of springtime; Hail, man too, for you’ve survived to see the summer.

Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Sweat, too much, has poured across our emtai faces, Rolled and splashed in streamlets donelaicil our noses. Your voice silences the organ and the cymbal. Haven’t we, as peasants must, run to our serfdom, Manured furrows, strewn, plowed, and scattered grain, Mowed the hay and raked it, spread about the litter, And all earthly blessings gathered into barns?

Germans and AustriansSwiss and Frenchbrought in and given special consideration by the government, became the upper class of landlords and officials, while the indigenous population became the lower class of serfs.

The Seasons (poem)

His father died inleaving seven children 4 sons and 3 daughters. August Schleicher —Jena University professor, in published a linguistic publication, Christian Donaleitis’ Lithuanian Poetry Christian Donaleitis Litauische Dichtungenmostly intended for studies in comparative linguistics.

Send the link below via email or IM Copy. This, exactly this, happens to all us wretches. His hobbies included building donelaixio and barometers, and constructing pianos and clavichords.


Vestuvės K. Donelaičio “Metuose” by Gabija Breiterytė on Prezi

Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. You, you silly geese, and you, too, you lazy ducks, Run to the pond and swim before the waters freeze. Such a man will hustle roundly till he’s drooping, Bow before his meager supper with contentment, Haying eaten, thank the Lord with satisfaction, Roll into his bed, bedrowsed but strong and happy. Furtheron, this Lithuanian poet nature was not conceived in the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment ; the peasants he portrayed were not sentimentalized stereotypes.

He wrote the first classic Lithuanian language poem, The Seasons Lithuanian: Works of Duonelaitis; 5. Petersburg by the printing house of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Kristijonas Donelaitis “Metai” by Laima Kuusaitė on Prezi

Now the sun rose again to rouse the world And laughed to topple down chill winter’s labors. The book was prepared for publication based on the autograph and on Holfeldt’s transcript with a view to preserving the authenticity of the text. Explicit use of et al. Then, creature we cherish, not even you appear; Like us, you lie silent in the shield of darkness, There in dreams, perhaps, capturing foolish flies.

After the war he rebuilt a burned school and sponsored construction of a shelter to donleaicio. Society of Lithuania Minor in the 18th century; 2. Often Lithuanians also number bounders Who can hop about and speak in Lithuanian, Yet bring their disgrace on us like real Germans! Spring joys and Donelaitis.

Tolminkiemis now Chistye Prudy, Kaliningrad Oblast. Staniulio knygynas, Kaunas: The features plots, characters, unfolding of narrative etc.

Copy code to clipboard. Add a personal note: Many the garden workman plucked up in his hand And, a while, joyed in their variegated beauties, Then cast them aside already withered, worthless. Thus the world begins again to welcome the winter.


This article is about the Lithuanian poem. Often in muggy heat we gulped at thin flat beer Or scooped up from puddles draughts of clouded water. Donelaitis conveys the sameness of peasants’ everyday life, where nothing new ever occurs. And his wife, already, as he stood rejoicing, Clambered once again out of the cold household, Greeting with her pointed beak her loved companion. All these meats the Krizas’ cook so chopped and pounded, Violently boiled and roasted for the wedding, Such a roar and tumult all along the street Startled village neighbor Donelaivio with amazement.

Let us give, but let us give with sense and reason; How long winter may go on we dknelaicio not know, Nor foresee how much we’ll have by Holy Easter.

Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. A new edition of “The Seasons” compiled by literature scholar Juozas Brazaitis — is a representational publication illustrated with wooden engravings by Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynas — and published in in Kaunas on the initiative of the Book Publishing Commission at the Ministry for Education. An incomplete collection of Donelaitis’ works, published in in Kaunas on the basis of the ‘s and ‘s editions, with an introductory article by Kostas Korsakas —”Donelaitis and his “The Seasons””.

Donelaitis was among the first European writers of the age to employ the classical hexameter.