Dominick works as an associate consultant for the Germany-based company thinktecture (). His main area of focus is security in. Dominick Baier is an independent consultant specializing in identity & access control. He helps companies around the world designing & implementing. Dominick Baier. leastprivilege. 0 starred decks Tweet Share. fbbb90cea5ed0fee?s=48 Sep 27, 5.

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See you next year! Beware the combined authorize filter mechanics in ASP. IdentityModel has recently joined the. Both get minor updates right now, and I am planning to release them all together beginning next year. Ever since, this was our primary focus and we did a lot of customer work over the last 12 months to make sure that PolicyServer is really meeting the real world needs.


I generally prefer to keep them separate, but I acknowledge that certain architecture styles make this conscious decision. Core are abstracted by so called authentication handlers, and you can register as many of them as you want — you can support both authentication scenarios. NET Framework, and sometimes not, e. IdentityModel has a number of protocol baiwr libraries, e.

I am planning to release that soon — if dominkck have any feedback, please leave a comment here or open an issue on github. More on that in a separate post.


Dominick Baier

It is required when you want to be part of an ASP. So, as a library author my recommendation is to avoid taking a dependency on this package and prefer the in-box versions in. While I could just add more constructor overloads that take an HttpClientI decided to explore another route all credits for this idea goes to randompunter.

The intent was to provide a simple, self-contained administrative tool for managing users in your ASP. The most popular one is IdentityModel itself with over 9,3 million downloads on Nuget. This was also a big year for IdentityServer. I thought I should copy it here, so it becomes more search engine friendly and hopefully helps out other people that are in the same situation original thread here. The State of HttpClient and.

Turns out I was not alone with this problem. We have many plans for upcoming versions, and I must say it was a refreshing change to do some real product work as opposed to short to mid-term consulting and contracts. For a full sample — see here.

HttpClientFactory also supports named clients, which allows configuring certain things upfront, e. But anyways — the feedback we got after the announcement was fantastic, and in the following weeks we got way more enquiries than we could handle. Despite baiwr being on holidays during that time, he gave a really elaborate answer that contains both excellent background information and guidance.


NET Framework in 4. It is a bit surprising that most supportes are individual developers that use IdentityServer at work. View original post more words. We worked on a lot of different things, and I just realized that I only wrote eight blog posts in total. They have taken on stewardship of this project so it can continue to live on. NET platform as a set of packages where being in-box vs.

Dominick Baier @ DevConf

You do that by adding a forward selector to the authentication handler like this:. We also started a Patreon page to allow companies to support IdentityServer, which in turn allows us to set more time aside from paid work. IdentityServer This doinick also a big year for IdentityServer. This did not work prior to ASP.

IdentityModel is a library that uses HttpClient internally — it should also run on all recent versions of the. It might get pulled from baieg.