Core, core ‘ngrato. T’aie pigliato ‘a vita mia. Tutt’ è passato. E nun’nce pienze cchiù! Catari, Catari, Tu nun ‘o saie ca’nfin’int’ a na chiesa. Io so’ trasuto e aggio. Core ‘Ngrato Lyrics: Catari, Catari, pecche me dice sti parole amare / Pecche me parle e ‘o core me turmiente, Catari? / Nun te scurda ca t’aggio date ‘o core. Core ‘ngrato Lyrics: Catari, Catari, pecché me dici / Sti parole amare; / Pecché me parle e ‘o core me turmiente / Catari? / Nun te scurdà ca t’aggio date ‘o core.

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I have been translating Leonid Andreyev’s works for several years, he is one Why do you speak and core ngrato my heart, Catari? Click to see the original lyrics.

Dominic Chianese – Core ‘Ngrato Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Core, core ‘ngrato T’ aie ngrzto ‘a vita mia. Core ‘ngrato 11 translations Translations: It must be Neapolitan dialect. Popular Artists Popular Songs. Luciano Pavarotti – Core ‘ngrato Core ngrato translation. I guess you know core ngrato version: Add new translation Add new request. You are a genius, Igee!

Core ‘Ngrato

Caterina, Caterina, why do you say those core ngrato words? Tu nun ‘nce pienze a stu dulore mio Coore num ‘nce pienze tu nun te ne cura Core, core ngrato ‘ngrato, T’aie pigliato ‘a vita mia.


Login Registration Sign In. Nessun dorma “Turandot” by Puccini.

I don’t know why translators insist on unnecessarily adding words or meanings to core ngrato oirinal, even misinterpreting. Collections with “Core ‘ngrato”.

Luciano Pavarotti – Core ‘ngrato lyrics + English translation

I am suffering so it cannot be believed sto’a suffri tutte li strazie! E l’aggio ditto core ngrato a ‘o cunfessore: Heart, ungrateful heart You’ve taken my life, Everything has passed And you don’t think any more.

You don’t think of this pain of mine, You don’t think, you don’t care. Now one thing is sure that do not study Italian by beautiful Italian folk song like me Figlio mio, lassala sta’, lassala sta’.

And even I have said this to the confessor: You don’t core ngrato of this pain of mine, core ngrato don’t think, you don’t care.

Catari, Catari, what do you mean with this talk that tortures me? Ngtato is natural but very remarkable that there are also many dialects in Italian. Dear Larry, Thanks so much for the correction!


May I dare to suggest these alternatives: I hope this blog will eventually provide the right translations for people who are interested.


Spanish Lidia Ester Cerezo. Heart, ungrateful heart, You’ve taken my life, Everything has passed And you don’t think any more. Posted by Paul Sin at core ngrato Catari, Catari, Cathy, Cathy why do you tell me these bitter words? Caterina, Caterina, why do you come and say core ngrato words that hurt me so much?

No holy mother, and the advice is to forget Catari. There’s no wrenching, no mention of soul. Don’t forget that I gave you my heart, Core ngrato, don’t forget. And the confessor — who is a holy person — Said to me “My son, leave her alone, leave her alone. Login or register to post comments. I do thank hers too, but like I said, her translation core ngrato the last sentences of the song are not very accurate.

It must be hard core ngrato translate for standard foreign Italian speakers. I really glad knowing the meaning of this song.