AVYAKT-BAPDADAMARCH By omshanti1 • March 13, •. AVYAKT-BAPDADAMARCH AVYAKT-BAPDADAFEB By omshanti1 • February 13, •. AVYAKT- BAPDADAFEB · 0. There are no older stories. This is the most recent. Today, BapDada, the Ocean of Love, having been pulled by the string of love of His .. (Today, BapDada’s murli was broadcast via a TV channel in India and.

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I made a request to Alka Patel also. MP3 murli sizes usually vary from MB and duration from hrs.

AVYAKT-BAPDADAMARCH | Daily Gyan Murli: Brahma kumaris Daily Murli – Bk Today Murli

Constantly celebrate in this avyakt bapdada murli. Just as when some object is clearly visible then no question ever arises as to what this is. Qvyakt with the Source If someone avyakt bapdada murli a yogi, there will be no need to make the effort to connect with each one individually.

This is because when muurli is one weak thought, it gives rise to a huge amount of weak thoughts which start flooding in one after the other.

Every emperor was experiencing the pleasure of remembrance and had the tilak of the awareness of being seated on the Father’s heart-throne. You must be thinking that people will say that your Brahma has gone away avyakt bapdada murli less than a hundred years. Mirli you are not idle you will not go into waste. So how much avyakt bapdada murli you invested? Then just do a single tap, it will be downloaded automatically to your SDCard and available for abpdada reading Note: There should not be the slightest trace of impurity in your thoughts or muli.

But still you can download these audios using your browser option and play separately Hope you will like updated version. Otherwise weak action brings down the subtle power of the intellect and the quality of thought.


It is now the time to enjoy and have pleasure. Methods for Transforming Thought Do not permit avyakt bapdada murli sanskaras patterns to emerge from within. Otherwise the cleanliness that should be there for complete success in service will not be there. The Father does not create any waste creation.


The treasure of thought is very powerful. Opposition Avyakt bapdada murli opposition to each type of waste thought there is a corresponding powerful thought. This is a game to remain hidden. But he has a thousand fold love greater than you children have. You want to attain the tangible fruit at each second, but you do not maintain the tangible swaroop self form, embodiment of your complete, fully empowered and perfect self in your awareness, as a definite thought.

Consider this to be the system of the Brahmin clan: Avyakt bapdada murli the power of thought you can also transform the avyakt bapdada murli into possible. Therefore you must be vigilant over each thought, you should not be careless. No matter what the atmosphere is like, regardless of the attitude, no matter what the words, no matter what the drishti is, but a holy swan makes everyone holy.

You gave attention to amrit vela and to the night, but in the middle of the day you were careless, so what was the result?

Knowing the deep consequences of karma, perform each avyakt bapdada murli, as a seer of the three aspects of time, Trikaldarshi. The experience of this treasure can be contemplated repeatedly, and your intellect can remain continuously busy in this. Do you have this much power or are you sometimes influenced?


Karavanhar the One avyakt bapdada murli makes you act is making you an instrument and enabling you to do everything.

No matter how distant a person may be, and even if there are no facilities or equipment, bapsada through the language of thought you can convey a message to anyone. If you do murlii you say, this is called being siddhi swaroop. Attitude As is the thought, so definitely would be the attitude. Such a one would avyakt bapdada murli called an ordinary soul.

In this way waste thoughts are easily distanced. One is the occupation of contemplating the treasure of knowledge, second is the occupation of destroying negative karma by burning it, and third is the occupation of bringing about world benefit.

They check only the gross mistakes. Being the embodiment of success. Avyat Power of Discernment Why you are not able to discern, is because you are not free from negative thoughts. This avyakt bapdada murli attracts souls towards spirituality. Even a young child would say: Instead of having pure feelings and intentions toward any soul, through your karma including your relationships and connections, if any other sort of feeling arises, this is also accumulated in the account of sin, because this also is to give sorrow.

Through this the upheaval of doubt as to who you are, and what you are, will avyakt bapdada murli finished. Mhrli avyakt bapdada murli yourself to be a world benefactor soul who benefits all the souls of the world.