ASTM D Standard Test Method for Interfacial Tension of Oil Against Water by the Ring Method. ASTM D, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ISO *, ISO *, ISO *, ISO , ISO *, DIN and DIN MODULABLE. TSD TENSIOMETRY SYSTEM DIGITAL. ASTM D, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ISO *, ISO *, ISO *, ISO , ISO *.

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Cenco Dunuoy 70535000 Surface-Tension Tensiometer

Large color LCD screen, English prompt, astm d971 operation, fully automatic testing. TOP Oil Purifiers are widespread in the fields of electric power, petrifaction, mineral, shipbuilding, steel construction, bridge, automobile and railway, playing a great role in reducing energy consumption for clients as well as environmental pollution.

Seminar dates Overview seminars Training days Registration. Related applications Emulsions and dispersions. Related Products Searching for related products Email Us or call toll-free: Please fill in the form astm d971 to get a quote for the Cenco Dunuoy Surface-Tension Tensiometer:.

Transformer oil testing

Type text as it appears:: I have read the data privacy statement and agree with the conditions. Contact Supplier Start Order. Transformer oil testing Measurement of interfacial tension astm d971 ensuring the quality of astm d971 Transformer oil surrounds and insulates the coil windings d97 high-voltage transformers. People who viewed this also viewed.

Then the tester will finish the whole test and calculate the tension value automatically according to concrete input parameters. Located at Chongqing city–a southwest electromechanical manufacturing center as well as national astm d971, Chongqing TOP is a professional leading manufacturer and supplier of oil purifiers and various related d9971.

Shipped astm d971 10 days after payment. Don’t fill this field! The main body is equipped with hurricane globe, which lessens the influence that outer matters impose on testing results. The dynamic contact angle measuring instruments and tensiometers of the DCAT series are based astm d971 the latest balance technologies developed by the company Sartorius AG, Germany.

Surface Tension ASTM D ยป Advanced Materials Center Inc.

An interlaboratory study has determined it to be applicable over the range from 10 to 65 mg total deposits. Honest Team – TOP always honestly treat you and keep faith to make you satisfied with every cooperation with us. During operation, the oil astm d971 and the oxidation products accumulate in the transformer oil. The interfacial tension therefore becomes a quality criterion: Petroleum Products and Biofuel astm d971 apparatus baths, calorimeters, color measurement, density meters, flash point, hydrogenators, oil testing, penetrometers, surface tension, vapor pressure, viscometers and rheometers, During the ageing process, the interfacial tension between transformer oil and water reduces.

Service Commitment – Astm d971 bring you prompt, considerate and professional aftersale service and technical support, and explore technology future together. Long-term warranty of 2 years. What is your application? Automatically test middle or high viscosity liquid sample and get balance results. Automatic Potentiometric Titrator TP astm d971 Our oil filtration machine: Start Products Dynamic contact angle measuring instruments and tensiometers Standards.

Platinum plate method; easy and convenient operation. You Might Also Like. The possible consequences are functional failure and even explosive fires.

Tester program can be updated accordingly if related national standard is revised. Related Suppliers Searching for related suppliers With this astm d971, a ring suspended from a force sensor is moved from the astm d971, aqueous phase to the lighter oil phase.

References for national and international standards.