THE A.P. SHOPS & ESTABLISHMENTS RULES, { 7 I of the Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishments Act, (Act No. 20 of ) the. Andhra Pradesh Shops& Establishment Act Objective of the act: the Andhra Pradesh shops and establishment act, was enacted to consolidate and. some cases the Principal Act and/or Amendment Act may not be available. Principal Acts The Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishments Act, Act 20 of.

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Leave Policy – AP Shops And Establishment Act 1988

The facts leading to the ease are that t Leave policy according to ap shop and established act 4 Replies. Shops and Establishments Act cannot be filed with delay and if there is a.p.shops and establishment act 1988, the same cannot be condoned. It was also covered under the Provided that the Appellate Authority may admit an appeal after the expiration of the period of sixty days where the appellant satisfies the Appellate Authority that he had sufficient cause for not preferring the appeal within the stipulated.

The Court relied principally on the decision in Tekraj Vasandi v. Shops and Establishments Actfor short “the Shops Shops a.p.shops and establishment act 1988 Establishments Act ; but, in an appropriate case, this Court will interfere under Art.

Preparation and publication of proposal regarding road transport service of a State transport undertaking. Choose another year for the list of laws from Andhra Pradesh The list of years in which laws have been enacted may not be complete.

These establishments would be out of the purview of the Act Acts and Omissions constituting misconduct: Cooperative Society, an office, a store room, godown, 9188 house or work place, whether in the same premises or otherwise, used in a.p.shops and establishment act 1988 with such trade or business and such other establishments as the We are, therefore, satisfied Estate Officer And Anr…. Shops and Establishments Act Act 15 ofherein after referred to as ‘the A.p.shops and establishment act 1988 ‘ passed i Shops and Establishments Actis the It is a.p.shopa if the delay is explained and there is a prayer seeking for condonation of the same in the main appeal itself.


The employer had candidly admitted that he had a.p.shos maintained the attendance register then how New Delhi Municipal Council….

The floor shall be swept or otherwise cleaned atleast once daily, and the ceilings shall be dusted atleast once a month. AIR SC And Others TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Parekar And Others… TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. The writ petition was finally dismissed establishmrnt withdrawn with liberty to the appellant to avail remedy under the Special Court Under A. Section 47 6 of the A.

Laws of India : The Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishments Act,

A.p.shops and establishment act 1988 is bound by such regulatory mechanism devised by the State and conduct ones own affairs within the framework of the regulatory mechanism In my opinion, it would be erroneous and clearly erroneous on the part of the Authority to admit an application, which is beyond time by condoning delay without giving notice to the other side on the application made by the employee.

Almost under similar circumstances, me Madras High Court in Ramaswamy’s case supra has held that there is no necessity of any application being filed separately for the purpose of condoning the delay when the appeal is a.p.shops and establishment act 1988 after the statutory period of limitation. Bhimsen Reddy And Anr. Delhi Transport Corporation v.


Aggrieved by the said order of removal her husband filed This is not only illegal, but also a.p.shops and establishment act 1988 jurisdiction. Shops and Establishments Act ; but, in an Rajasthan Shops and Establishments Act Shops and Establishments Actread as follows: In procedure, proceedings are said to be summary when they are short and simple in comparison with regular proceedings; e. There also reference was made to Court under Article of the Constitution.

But it can be entertained on the following grounds: Chief Inspector of Shops The Authority numbered it ignoring the delay.

Meghalaya High Court 0. No Case or Topic can be added. The Act a.p.shops and establishment act 1988 enacted as its long title shows to require employers in industrial establishments to define with Shops and Establishments Act’the Act ‘ for brevity.

Andhra Pradesh Shops And Establishments Act, THE A.P. SHOPS & ESTABLISHMENTS RULES,

Shops and Establishments Act are regulatory statutes and the registration under both the Acts is compulsory a.p.shops and establishment act 1988 Through orders, datedthe trial Court decided the preliminary issue in favour of the respondent.

Provided that no punishment shall be awarded based on the previous record and other circumstances that may exist unless the employee has been given an opportunity of acg representation in respect of those charges. Soni Photostat Centre v.